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Coach | Psychologist | Organisational Development Expert

With a career of more than 15 years in organizational consulting, I have worked with a wide range of companies and challenges, including organizational-level transformational projects, trainings, and executive coaching. 

My personal focus is on relational leadership development: addressing both the individual and the leadership structure while doing so. I hold a Master Practitioner Coach accreditation from EMCC.

I credit myself as an official curious person. I am interested in the stories of people and teams. And I am even more interested in how we can rewrite their history of the future.

From the beginning, it was easy to find a common voice with Zoltán, as if we had been friends for years. During the sessions, I always felt that we are making progress on my topics (which were quite diverse) thanks to the pleasant ambiance he created and his really good and supportive questions. Regardless of the topic or the obstacle you are faced with, I recommend Zoltán as a coach.

Szabolcs Kelemen

HR Director, 
Wallis Automotive Europe
PCM training led by Zoli was one of the best learning experiences I had. I’ve been able to put in practice the skills and tips I learnt with great results almost immediately. I especially liked that it was professional and fun at the same time. The fact that since than I became a PCM trainer and coach clearly shows my enthusiasm and love towards PCM.

Rita Rajkovics

Head of HR,
SANOFI Hungary
Zoltán and I connected with such ease. Zoltán is very sensitive and structured at the same time. He is supportive and soothing. He has a very deep knowledge of PCM, TA, and other topics he uses in his work, making it easy to understand. 

Great person, great coach!

Zsófia Simonovits

Head of Human Resources, Futureal
Our sessions’ main focus was on leadership development, through personal change. I have achieved my goal of becoming a more strategic leader. I got to know Zoltán as an insightful and sensitive coach. Besides providing a framework for our conversations, his skills in impactful confronting and insight-creation enabled us to stay results oriented. Our sessions had a friendly, honest atmosphere and I am sure that the spontaneity that we had experienced there have also contributed to our success.

István Dudás

Asset and Equipment Director, Colas Hungária Zrt.
Zoltán has a strong track record in organizational development and HR Research. His experience and expertise were always key to making several corporate-wide initiatives successful. We used Process Communication Model in several of our joint projects with Grow where Zoltan convinced us of his deep knowledge in personality psychology. It is always inspiring to be in a project with Zoltán as he has very innovative ideas, broad knowledge in OD, and a collaborative style that makes working with him especially fun!

Andras Vicsek

Chairman Of The Board Of Directors at Maven7
Genuine Expert is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about Zoltán. I had the pleasure of participating in his PCM blended learning training and learned a lot about myself. Zoltán has the perfect personality and passion for making a course on communication really fun. I would recommend Zoltán to everyone who needs a bit of polishing on their communication skills and tools.

Eszter Wurmbrandt

HR Group Leader and Strategic HR Business Partner in the Engineering sector


Executive Coaching

As a coach, I am your companion on your journey. Whatever the destination is, I can be there for you. Asking tough or comforting questions, confronting to inspire or challenge to grow: that’s what I do as your partner in development.

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Consulting Services

As a partner of Innovators we offer a tailor made consulting and implementation services for organizations. Organisational- and leadership development, cultural integration and talent management programs are our specialties.

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Communication Training

Is a Process Communication Model master trainer, a Karpman Process Model trainer and a Leading out of Drama facilitator I have a fine understanding of miscommunication. My personalized training programs support you in achieving relational mastery in all walks of life.
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"Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves."

Carl G. Jung

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In this series I am talking with internationally renowned coaching-scientists and coaches. We explore their personal- and professional insights on the science of coaching.
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