Erik DeHaan: Connecting the worlds of physics and coaching – and a lot more

My first guest is Erik de Haan, who is the Director of Ashridge's Centre for Coaching with over twenty years of experience in organisational and personal development. He is a prolific writer and is known in the coaching world for his commitment to research and for his talent in uncovering intriguing insights about the coaching process.

Our conversation has a flow, starting with Erik’s background and how he was called to the profession of coaching. We discuss how certain ideas in physics are related to coaching, like levels of aggregation, how to “flirt with a hypothesis” and what could practitioner coaches do to be more conscious in engaging and being involved with research. Erik reflects on some research results around effectiveness and the coaching relationship.

You may take a look at why I invited Erik to the series at the following blog post

You can find a lot more about Erik on his personal website

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