Coaching, Feedback, & Relationships - With Dr Lise Lewis

The next guest of the OnCoaching Podcast is Dr Lise Lewis!

My next guest in the OnCoaching Podcast is Lise Lewis! Lise is an executive coach, coach-trainer, supervisor, and keynote speaker… as we’d say that she “knows all the tricks of the trade”.

Moreover, she is the past president of EMCC Global, holding a professional doctorate in the field of coaching and an author too. Plus, Lise is a friend.

I clearly remember our first meeting, as she did not show up.:)

I was being interviewed for the VP role in EMCC by the board – it was the last round of interviews – and she, being the president should have been leading the interview.

Unfortunately, she got sick at the last moment and could not join the session. I also remember that immediately as she was ready to do so, she reached out to me and I got a warm welcome and later a superb support in integrating into my role.

It was clear to me that she values relationships and is ready to invest in them. No surprise that later she wrote her book on the topic of relational feedback. As we worked together on the board of EMCC I got to know her structured side as well: goal orientation, focus, and high-level thinking.

Well, I am biased so I finish praising her for now. 😊

I had many reasons to invite Lise for a talk!

On one hand, she is a professional with a proper research background and a deep knowledge of her field: relationships, coaching, and feedback. In line with this, we have explored certain elements of her own model in our conversation.

If you’d like to read more then I recommend you to take a look at her book (here it is on Amazon) or you may read her article about it HERE. As there were developments in the model, you should read THIS short addendum when reading the article. Although the topic of feedback seems like a “piece of cake”, Lise’s book uncovers the diverse perspectives we could consider in the process and the importance of self-awareness and interpersonal dynamics that emerge during such an exchange. In our talk, she provides an insight into the key elements of her model.

Lise being the past president of EMCC Global was my other reason for interviewing her. I was eager to show how she got to the top of the organization as I think that her dedication to the cause of professionalizing coaching, and the amount of volunteer work she has done could be an inspiration for all of us.

Besides her career within EMCC, her global insight into the world of coaching is invaluable – so I have asked her about trends and her expectations as well.

My favourite quote from this part of the conversation is:

“How to distinguish what we as humans can offer? For example AI does not have a heart..”

For me, this sentence clearly shows how a relationship-focused professional reacts to the rapid technological changes in our world.

As a side note, I do agree with Lise on this: AI does not have a heart now. But I have seen some applications that could identify emotions with a fairly high accuracy and this capability could be a step toward an AI that can pretend to have a heart.

And as soon as we get to this point we could run some interesting experiments to explore the nature of “experienced compassion”.

What I admire in Lise, is how she blends professionalism with relational awareness. Being kind and getting things done at the same time. She lives what she teaches.

Needless to say, we had a good time recording this episode. I wish that you enjoy listening to it as much, as we enjoyed recording it!

You can listen to the conversation here:

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