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As a coach, I am your companion on your journey. Whatever the destination is, I can be there for you. Asking tough or comforting questions, confronting to inspire or challenge to grow: that’s what I do as your partner in development.
From the beginning, it was easy to find a common voice with Zoltán, as if we had been friends for years. During the sessions, I always felt that we are making progress on my topics (which were quite diverse) thanks to the pleasant ambiance he created and his really good and supportive questions. Regardless of the topic or the obstacle you are faced with, I recommend Zoltán as a coach.

Szabolcs Kelemen

Head of Reward, Policies and HR Operations at Vodafone
Our meetings were a big help for me to think about my behaviour, reactions and most importantly to find my way at that moment inside my company. Because that time I was in a changing period. He could help me to see clearly my strengths/resources and opportunities for the future. To take time for self reflection and to challenge me to find my solution. These reflections helped me not only in my professional career but also in my private life to find more balance. Thanks to this I was able to change my was of working and to have more time for myself. Zoltán’s open mind thinking, and general knowledge that allows him to talk almost any kind of topics showed me a comple and balanced personality in which I can trust.

Gergely Román

Online/Digital Director, Decathlon Hungary
Zoltán has easily connected to me, was very sensitive and structured at the same time. He is supporting and calming. Has a very deep knowledge in PCM, TA and other topics which he uses in his work, and makes it easy to understand. Great person, great coach!

Zsófia Simonovits

Head of HR,

I am delighted to meet you!

Have you met yourself recently?

Sounds like a strange question? Good.

This is how I like to work: thought-provoking questions and inspirational mirroring. My core offering for you is helping you meet and expand your true self.

Most of my clients – perhaps like you – have already achieved something important. Leading others, making money, and climbing the corporate ladder. Things like that. In their journey to their success, they have built up strengths and strategies that have served them well. There is one more thing common to my clients: their wish gets closer to their better selves.

In such a journey of self-advancement, you’ll need something new. New fountains of inner power, a new solution to the usual puzzle, or clarity on how to move on. This is where we can partner in your development.

As an executive coach, I am your companion on your journey. Whatever the destination is, I can be there for you. Asking tough or comforting questions, confronting to inspire or challenge to grow: that’s what I do. I work with research-based methodologies, and experience-inspired insights mixed with a bit of humor.

My focus is on relational mastery. Supporting you in making your partnerships work. And as a psychologist, my specialty is your relationship with yourself. Everything starts there. Igniting self-compassion, and giving space to your strongest voices have the power that rewrites your current stories.

As a coach, I have a Master Practitioner accreditation from EMCC, and I follow the Global Code of Ethics. You can find detailed info on my tools and qualifications on my LinkedIn page.

A companion in your journey.

Navigating complex and ever-changing business- and organization landscapes, while engaging their followers. Providing vision when uncertainty is almost the only predictable feature of the environment. To successfully manage the complicated challenges of leadership positions individuals and groups need personalised support.

The coaching processes offered – either for individuals or groups or teams – by Zoltán provide this highly tailored support. By integrating leading psychological knowledge, business insight and people-experience we create a supportive space that enhances your capacity to handle your challenges.

What are the keywords for my coaching processes?


I work in agreement with you and your stakeholders.


I am there for you and all my focus is on you.


Expect excellence in all of our interactions. 
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