August 17, 2023

Handling conflicts, drama, and challenging conversations through compassion - Nate Regier

In this episode of OnCoaching, Zoltán Csigás talks with Nate Regier PhD who is the founder of Next Element, Certifying Master Trainer of PCM® , keynote speaker and author. Dr Regier is a a highly experienced coach and trainer who has been developing practical tools to that support the management of drama, conflicts and the handling of challenging conversations. Nate and Zoltán cover a number of topics including the founding of Next Element, the development of new tools and the core ideas of Nate’s new book: Compassionate Accountability.

The next guest of the OnCoaching Podcast is Nate Regier!

My next guest in the OnCoaching Podcast is Nate Regier PhD! By background Nate is a clinical psychologist turned consultant who is a founding owner of the global consulting company Next Element.

Plus a university adjunct professor, podcaster, and keynote speaker. I met him through the “world of PCM” – as he is one of the few Certifying Master Trainers of the model – but it was not for his process skills that I started to look upon him. (Truth be told Nate is quite tall, but we are almost at the same height 😊.)

So fun aside, the first time we met in person was at a PCM Master Trainer meeting, a forum for knowledge sharing and skills practice. He presented the boundaries of the model, and common misconceptions that we should be aware of, and handle in our practices.

What was impressive for me is how clear he was about the theoretical boundaries. He was not criticizing any of the concepts, just drawing the lines till where it was OK to use the concepts. In that meeting, I was just a candidate to become a Master Trainer, and as such I was a full-blown fan of PCM. His presentation helped me to take one step back and re-engage my constructive-critical thinking while retaining my enthusiasm for the model. I think that...

"in the world of buzzwords and pseudo-science, we need more people like Nate, who highlight the boundaries and help us in reviewing our interpretations and how they reflect the intentions of our educators".

Nate writes extensively, you may wish to take a look at his blog HERE. His blog posts then become books. He has already authored four pieces: Beyond Drama, Conflict without Casualties, Seeing People Through, and the latest: Compassionate Accountability.

In my eyes Nate – and the team at Next Element – are creators and researchers. They explore client challenges or face certain limitations in their professional assignments, then start to think and then develop a concept that solves the issues at hand. Till now it sounds like a regular “consulting company” approach. What I appreciate in their way of working is that they take the next step (next element 😊): collect evidence, work with the feedback and fine-tune their solutions to make sure that they are really fit to be used by others.

The assessment tools they have developed (e.g. the NEOS tool that it used for outcomes measurement) are practical and focused. The team of Next Element develops new materials, tools, related quality assurance-focused certifications, and trainer development resources with the goal to make a broader impact on the world.

As a professional with TA and PCM as my “native languages” in understanding human behaviors I was really curious to interview both John Parr (listen to the episode here) and Nate as well. I wanted to understand the reasons why they started to create their own tools and concepts, and how these relate to, and expand the offerings of PCM.

In this episode, we talked about a lot of things. How Next Element was born, the reasons and the process of them developing their series of tools, and Nate’s vision of making an impact on the world. We explore the concepts of his new book “Compassionate Accountability” in detail: we talk about definitions of accountability and compassion and the mindset that supports the handling of challenging conversations.

You can listen to the conversation here:

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