December 15, 2023

Life & Existential Coaching – A Conversation with Yannick Jacob

In this episode of OnCoaching Zoltán Csigás talks with Yannick Jacob a coach, coach-trainer, speaker, and a professional who integrates positive psychology coaching and an existentialist approach. The conversation covers questions about professional boundaries, client relations, existential approaches, and a lot more.

The next guest of the OnCoaching podcast is Yannick Jacob!

A coach, coach-trainer, speaker, and professional who integrates positive psychology coaching and an existentialist approach, Yannick is an inspirational figure on the global coaching scene. We had a great conversation, and to be honest, the whole session was special for a number of reasons.

Number one is that we don’t really know each other. Till now I have been inviting guests whom I knew, or I have been following for a while here and there, but this time it was Yannick who approached me and invited me for a conversation. I am not sayin’ that it was not a good thing for my ego. But besides the self-reassurance, I was happy to get in touch with another experienced professional and through him another school of coaching!

It was not easy to find a date as we had some disturbances in the “force of organizing”, but at the end of the day, we ended up in a witty exchange and realized how similar we are from a number of perspectives. In that first meeting we agreed that – as we are both hosting our own podcasts – we’ll do two sessions, where we’ll change the host and the guest roles. 

This is the one where I was more of a host and less of a guest. The next session – coming up in early 2024 – where we’ll reverse the roles! But don’t be afraid, there is still a lot of discussion in this one as well, not just me asking questions. 

We have covered a lot in this session (this seems to be a trend)

We spoke about our backgrounds, existential approach, presenting ourselves and the profession to clients, drawing boundaries, and being happy… - so it became a long conversation! 

We talked about people, professions, and theory too. A bit more than 90 mins 😊. So this is “special nr. 2”. My invitation for you is to listen to this episode differently: we had no real agenda, no “central topic”, just the meeting of the minds, so there are a number of golden nuggets hidden here and there. So just go with our flow (and our breakdowns…) and let yourself be inspired or provoked! 

What I really enjoyed in this conversation was the spontaneity: the way we moved between topics, and how Yannick was reflecting on all these different ideas. He is an excellent conversationalist who brings a deep knowledge of his field to the table. By adding the spice of his curiosity and the “existential flavour” he brings a flow to the conversation. (Not a surprise that he is an experienced podcast host…) 

I'll let you explore the answers by listening to the conversation here:

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Zoltán Csigás

Executive Coach
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